Our vision is to build a community of curious creative minds, by helping them innovate freely with the latest set of tools and technologies, so that they can together make a beautiful, safe and connected future.


Registrations open for “Getting Started with AI” learning series. 

Only limited seats available to ensure personal attention and custom pace for attendees.

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Learn latest technologies in an interactive, hands-on, collaborative manner, at your own pace, with our live-instructed courses of limited batch sizes. Get started with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Basics of Programming etc. to start building exciting inventions and projects of your own. 

Since technology is ubiqutous, no matter what your career choices are, learning the fundamentals of these will definitely add value to your professional skills and augment your creativity.

We will be there to help at each step of your journey! 

Make cool stuff

Start building new and interesting projects of your own.

A self made smart-room, a personalized home robot or a customized chatbot like Siri or Alexa – the possibilities are endless!

Come join our family and get started! 

Learn by doing

We understand the importance of trying it on your own in addition to learning the theory. Hence, we offer sufficient time during our sessions to allow the learners to try hands-on.

In addition, we strongly encourage you to discuss your progress or questions in our forum to help each other grow a little more!

We will provide all the guidance needed for you to get started. 


Explore and discover 

Life is not a race, it is a journey and we all are explorers.

We may or may not have a goal for the future, it is completely okay. What matters is we keep exploring and discovering ourselves. And, technology is going to be our friend for this journey.

Getting technologically sound, and learning the fundamentals of the latest advancements will empower us to test our creative limits.

Set your own goals, and achieve them fearlessly! 

Join the family

Start your exploratory journey now. Join our community and discover your interests. You do not need any specific prior knowledge, you can choose your own pace, by selecting appropriate course. We are trying our best to make the sessions fun, interesting and full of possibilities.

Let us discover ourselves together! 


If you do not find the answer to your query here, please feel free to write to us!

Do I need to have a Hemanoid account to register for a course?

Yes, you will have to create a new account to be able to register for a course or series, so that we can award you your MakerBytes accordingly which you can use for exciting offers. Also, it will help you participate in the forum discussions and connect with like-minded people.

What are MakerBytes? How can I earn them?

MakerBytes are awarded to your account based on your activity on the website. You can redeem them as discounts in future courses.

Click here to learn how to get MakerBytes

Are all the sessions online?

Given the current situation, yes, the sessions are planned to be online only. However, when the situation is under control, we would love to conduct on-campus workshops and sessions, and thus meet you in person!

What is the forum? How can I use it?

The forum is a place where you can collaborate and help each other by asking/answering questions. Moreover, you get MakerBytes for being active on the forum.

Can I get refunded if I get other commitments?

If you notify us atleast 24 hrs before the session starts, we can refund you 100% of the amount. To initiate a refund, please contact us at contact@hemanoid.com

What all payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using any credit/debit card (VISA/Mastercard). If you face issues with payment, or want to pay using other methods, email us as soon as possible and we can help you with any issues.

A word from our family…

“It was a really good experience. I learnt many new things, and I would recommend you to take sessions like this in the future, even if its possible only once a month.”

– Akshat Shikhar

Age 14 years, Ramjas School R.K. Puram, Delhi 

“The explanation was very nice just like in simple language. sir was very frank which I liked the most, and will always be waiting for next webinar. tysm for this webinars, they gave me a lot of knowledge”

– Anonymous

Age 14 years, Adarsh Public School, Delhi

It was very good. I didn’t know that A.I. is so interesting. Thanks to you that I am understanding about it.”

– Anonymous

Age 15, St. Columba’s School, Delhi

About Us

Have been breaking and making things since the age of 10, and is always ready to learn new ways of doing old things. Acquired skills in AI, hardware design, IoT, robotics, mobile app and web development etc.

Currently pursuing a degree in computer science from Michigan State University. Has already helped 10+ startups with their mobile apps and websites while working as the lead developer for the entrepreneurship cell of MSU.

Hemkesh Agrawal

Co-founder, Hemanoid

A true polymath, has been an interesting mix of technical, business and creative skills from the beginning. Loves teaching, preaching, making, tinkering, painting, reading, writing, photography, singing, dancing, and talking.

She has a B.Tech in Software Engineering from DTU, Post Grad in International Management from MDI and Masters in European Business from ESCP Europe (Paris), and an industry experience of 5+ years with two Fortune 50 companies.

Chhavi Agrawal

Co-founder, Hemanoid

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